Have you ever tried sleeping in a kind of quasi-futuristic tomb?

Elisha Dushku’s Dollhouse charachter Echo had to do exactly that for her five years’ tenure as a “doll”. It would be hard to fill a Post-It™ with things that dolls haven’t tried. The premise: beautiful but down-and-out eco-warrior Caroline is snared by Dollhouse manager Adelle de Witt and offered the chance to wipe the slate clean, in exchange for five years’ servitude as animated blow-up doll with USB port and a human brain API.

As far as Caroline is concerned, the five years’ will be experienced as forty winks.

I raced through Dollhouse eager to see how it played out, and wasn’t disappointed. My penchant for Dystopian fantasy is adequately quelled by the premise and all the happenings. It’s just such a shame the whole thing got canned early.

The Series 1 & 2 box set comes with a 10 page comic that lends some insight about what they had planned for the continuation, so I am left to speculate wildly. In a way, that’s quite romantic so I’m not overly begrudged.

But I feel for Joss Whedon who hasn’t enjoyed much luck since his Buffy/Angel heyday.