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Money can’t buy class… nor taste, manners, education, and above all, significance.

I have always looked at the thick and rich with derision. Once I accidentally glanced at Cribs, where Nelly was showing us around his gaudy, palatial hive. Read the rest of this entry »


“Let me out!” screams Binty silently as her date with a preened toff goes horribly awkward and she tries with every ounce of her wit not to look at the camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Have you ever tried sleeping in a kind of quasi-futuristic tomb?

Elisha Dushku’s Dollhouse charachter Echo had to do exactly that for her five years’ tenure as a “doll”. It would be hard to fill a Post-It™ with things that dolls haven’t tried. The premise: beautiful but down-and-out eco-warrior Caroline is snared by Dollhouse manager Adelle de Witt and offered the chance to wipe the slate clean, in exchange for five years’ servitude as animated blow-up doll with USB port and a human brain API. Read the rest of this entry »